Thursday, February 11, 2010

Audition Dates and Fantasyland Expansion.

Audition dates were posted earlier today!

March 22: Madison WI
March 24: Ann Arbor MI, Boston MA
March 26: Chicago IL, Pittsburgh PA, Salt Lake City UT
March 28: Atlanta GA, Austin TX, San Francisco CA
March 30: Nashville TN, Rochester NY
March 31: Orlando FL

In other news, Bill Burke (author of Mousejunkies) got the chance to chat with someone at WDW and get further details about the massive Fantasyland expansion. You can read the full post here - definitely an interesting read!

BUT. There is one eensey-weeny little bullet point that I dislike.
The Pooh-themed play area, opposite The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and Ariel’s Grotto will be closed.
Does this mean they're closing the grotto for good? They can't! Especially if they are giving Cinderella, Aurora, and Belle special meet and greets. You can't just leave out Ariel. I hope she still gets a meet and greet by her snazzy new ride. Ah. We'll see. But if Ariel's grotto goes for good I will be super sad.

edit: Okay, so the Grotto in its current form will be gone, but I was looking at some blueprints and it quite clearly says "Ariel Meet N Greet" near her attraction. I can breathe easy!


I know the image is small, but I think clicking on it will make it bigger? If not, you can also view it full-size here.


Katarina said...

From what I have heard, the Grotto as it is will be closed and removed- it's basically sitting where the gateway into the Fantasyland Forest is going to be. She will, however, have a similar type of Meet and Greet by her new attraction. The whole point of the Forest is to make meeting the princesses an even more special experience, so I doubt they'll totally leave her meet and greet out- so many people love her!

Katarina said...

Btw- love your new layout!!

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