Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i oughta come up with a witty title for formspring posts.

Your young, why do the cp during all of the construction?
...well this is an odd question. For one thing, it was always my intent to do the CP my sophomore year of college. And for another, somethings is ALWAYS being refurbed in WDW. This just happens to be a particularly big thing.

can only cp's be apart of fantasy land fashion?
Nope! It's open to anyone interested in style and the college program. :) Email me your info at

what is your favorite cp blog?
Favorite? Geez. Wow. Um... I feel like I'm insulting all the fabulous blogs I follow by picking just one. I follow like 30 CP blogs right now and I'm sure the number will only increase. But if forced to choose one, I really like The Purple Folder by John W. He hasn't updated since 1/27, but he has great themes and it's a very interactive blog, with lots of polls and commenting, which is great! I highly highly recommend checking it out - well written, entertaining, and informative.

When I accepted, there was a lot about not being able to room with friends on different programs. Have you checked into if you're able to room with FA CPs, if you'll have a different departure date? Just a thought.
Yep! Most of my roommates were actually able to select their arrival date before me, and it was the same one. :) But we definitely freaked out about this before, haha.


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