Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Abby, I don't know if anybody else has asked you this...but at least I know I haven't. :PWhat's your favorite WDW memory?

Ooh this is actually easy Lyanne! It's the exact moment I fell in love with Disney World - we were walking out of the Magic Kingdom our last day there (to go on a cruise, but not the point). It was after Wishes, and I turned around and saw the "Kiss Goodnight" before walking under the train station. And it just grabbed me and didn't let go! I knew I had to come back because I loved the place.
...keep in mind I was 10 at the time.

Not a question, but an answer. I didnt have a car my last program. If you don't have a car, offar to give your friends gas money if they drive you around alot. My friends really appreciated it. It was just another expense I planned for every week.

Yeah I definitely plan on doing that - thanks for the tip! :)

What is the e-mail address for the recruiting office, if I want to request a work location? Thanks!

What is the difference between the Disney College Program and the Career Start Program?

The CP is for students currently enrolled in College, whereas you don't have to be in school to apply for CS. I'll talk about it more in depth in a questions vlog. :)

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