Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What one Disney job would you not want to have?
Like CP-available role? Probably Mousekeeping. I don't do well with other people's messes and it's a low guest-interaction role.

While you are working as a cast member you can get into the parks for free. Can CM that no longer work at Disney get in for free?
Nope - only active cast members are able to use that particular perk. :) Though if you're a CP turned Campus Rep, you can earn points toward free tickets? Or something. Really not sure how that all works, tbh.

To help you with your vlogs I’m going to ask you fun questions on here. You can answer them with “This question will be featured in a vlog” Sound good?
Yay! I look forward to it.

Who are your room mates?

What do you want to be if you get accepted as a performer?
Well, I'd absolutely die of happiness if I got to be friends with any one of the following: Anastasia Tremaine, Ariel, or Rosetta (see a pattern?). But I'm just hoping I pass the audition PERIOD and get to spend a lot of time with a certain pair of chipmunks and Jessie the Cowgirl!

Why will our apartment be so awesome?
Because we are made of awesome ourselves. Obvs.

Cool, cause you have got me hooked on polyvore lol and I love the blog :) What sort of info would you like? -Jessica!
Your email! So I can invite you to contribute officially. :)


Kristin said...

I can tell you how the Campus Rep thing works!

As a campus rep you get unlimited admission for yourself.

The only way you get tickets for other people is by completely certain goals your recruiter sets for you/meeting certain plateaus. Not everyone gets tickets and you really have to market and have events and be out there. It requires a lot more work and is actually a lot more difficult than working at Disney!

For a Maingate pass, much like you receive during the college program, you must work at least one shift. So if you became a campus rep last year, you would need to work one day this year in order to have it sent to you. The only way to really do this is go through the EHH on the Hub. Since locations (like mine in FSFB) don't really like giving away shifts to those who aren't statused in their location, it's really hard to work in your previous location. You must also have all of your proficiencies or you can't pick up the shift because they expired. Just keep a track of when things expire and you should be okay. I chose to stay seasonal and help out as an "alumni" representative and I get the best of both worlds!

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