Thursday, April 1, 2010

more formspring questions!

I feel like I should have some kind of witty April Fool's post... ah well. I'll leave that to Google.

Formspring's been wonky lately - sorry it took me awhile to get back to some of these. :P (I'm also editing a questions vlog, so look for that soon!)

Curious-what do you do as a Full Service Food and Beverage Cast Member? Is this the position you wanted. If not, what would be your dream position? 
From the job description in my purple folder: "Your responsibilities may include: greeting and seating Guests in restaurants; managing a seating chart and resolving Guest situations; utilizing a computerized reservation/seating system; cash handling - both manual and using computerized registers; rolling silverware, folding napkins, and keeping area stocked; light cleaning; multi-tasking; standing for extended periods; and working outdoors." I didn't check off anything I didn't want to do, so I'm definitely excited about this role! It wasn't my first choice though - that was attractions or character performer.

What was your phone interview like? What kind of questions did they ask? 
I had a really nice interviewer, so it was super chill, despite my nerves and excitement. I wrote a blog post about the kind of things they'll ask here: 

When does your program start?
June 14, 2010! And it can't come soon enough. :P

I'm also working on a Tips from Alumni post and... other posts. Yeeeah. 


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