Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dream Locations Redux!

Hey there, hi there, ho there... I feel like I haven't properly blogged in a good long time. Eek! The check-in date for May 19th people is right around the corner, too, which means it's getting closer to June 14 as well!

I'm not super sure what to blog about between now and then - is there anything you'd particularly like to see before I pack up and head down there? I don't know how much time I'll have to blog during the week leading up to my check in - my last final is June 7, I'm driving home from Michigan to Illinois that night, and then flying from ORD to MCO with my dad June 12. Not much time at all! But I am getting a Flip sometime before 7/12, so I will record my adventures both in writing and video.

Anyway, a lot of my friend's roles have been mysteriously disappearing on the log-in site, which from what I understand means they're being put in the Hub! For whatever reason my role is still there, which means I'm not in yet. So I thought that I would reiterate my top dream locations one more time, just in case any CP recruiting people are reading this and still deciding where to place me... ;)

My absolute number one top choice remains Cinderella's Royal Table...

I know I would have a fabulous time at what is easily the most magical restaurant on property. Between the amazing theming and the high volume of guests who come through there, I would love coming to work every day.

The rest of my list has gotten a bit shuffled around, however. California Grill remains a top choice, as does Citricos. I think the upscale nature of those two restaurants would be another great work experience. And, of course, there are the wonderfully themed restaurants of Disney's Hollywood Studios - 50s Prime Time Cafe, The Hollywood Brown Derby, and Sci-Fi Dine In Theatre.

However, there are some new additions to my list - namely the other (non-buffet) restaurants of the Magic Kingdom. I think Tony's Town Square Restaurant or Liberty Tree Tavern would be a lot of fun too! I wish the characters still hung out at LTT, but alas.

So we'll see where I end up come June... here's hoping it's one of the restaurants I just listed!

ps. if you, like me, saw Iron Man 2 this past weekend, you should totally check out my most recent vlog.


k. said...

Crossing my fingers you get Cinderella's Royal Table! And Iron Man 2 is in my near future. Not going to lie, though, I totally watched the spoilers. I really can't handle surprises, haha.

x, K

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