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Info Post #12: Disney Look

vintage Disney Look Book cover

So since I decided to do this info post, a whole host of Disney-Look-related blog entries have been popping up. I'm just going to go over some of the key points with a special focus on non-costumed women, since that seems to be what most everyone's worried about. (Sorry to my 5 male subscribers, haha.) Oh, and another thing - the guidelines are super-dry to read through, and there really isn't a way to make the actual guidelines themselves more exciting. However, I'll be spicing the post up with pictures and examples and fun things!

Guidelines for All Cast Members
  • Nametags should be worn in an upright, readable position on your outermost layer of clothing and placed on the left shoulder area.
  • Costumed cast must have their Walt Disney Company Photo ID with them at all times, but may not wear it onstage. Non-costumed cast must wear the ID when backstage. 
  • The only appropriate method for concealing tattoos is opaque make-up (no band-aids). 
  • The use of deodorant or anti-perspraint is required. (This one just kind of cracks me up, not gonna lie.)
Guidelines for All Female Cast Members
  • Extreme hairstyles are not permitted. If hair is below shoulder-length, it should be confined while working. 
  • Hair color should be well-maintained, natural, and appropriate to your skin-tone. (Basically, if you dye your hair you need to look like you could have been born with that color.)
  • If eyeliner and eye shadow are worn, they should be neutral colors that are close in value to your skin tone. Eye shadow and eyeliner should create a natural, blended look and should not extend beyond the natural eye area or the corners of the eye. Mascara may be applied lightly in shades of brown or black.
Guidelines for Costumed Women
  • Fingernails should not exceed 1/4 of an inch beyond the fingertip. If polish is used, it should be complementary to your skin tone. (N.B: Polish is not permitted in any food service role. This includes quick service, full service, and some merchandise locations.)
  • Hair accessories are for the express purpose of holding the hair away from the face and may not be worn as a decorative addition to the costume.
  • Rings, earrings and a classic business-style wristwatch are permitted. Necklaces, bracelets and ankle bracelets are not permitted. (Again, in food service roles rings and wristwatches are not permitted.)
  • The entire footwear section is basically, "It depends on your role."
Guidelines for Non-Costumed Women
  • Professional options for women include dress pants with a classic style blouse or sweater, skirted or pants suit, dress with or without a jacket, and business-style walking shorts with a blouse and  jacket or vest. Cotton twill pants (i.e., Dockers, khakis) are permitted only if they are neatly pressed, creased and appear to be professionally laundered.
  • Clothing not permitted includes polo or golf style shirts (except for Sports & Recreation Cast), cargo-style pants, t-shirts, sundresses, sleeveless tops or dresses (without a jacket), capri pants, leggings, casual shorts, wrap-around shorts, one-piece rompers and garments made of denim fabrics.
  • Dress and skirt lengths may range from three inches (7.6 cm) above the top of the kneecap bone to the bottom of the ankle. The length of shorts should be from the top of the kneecap bone to three inches (7.6 cm) above the top of the kneecap bone.
  • Fabrics should be those traditionally acceptable for business such as tweed, wool, cotton, polyester, silk, linen, rayon or blends of these fibers. Unacceptable fabrics include spandex, gauze, metallic fabrics, sheer fabrics, clinging knits, denim and chambray.
  • Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, lapel pins and a business-style wristwatch are permitted. A pin, brooch or scarf clip in good business taste is also acceptable. Two necklaces and two bracelets in good business taste that blend with the outfit and each other are permitted. Earrings may not exceed the size of a quarter.
  • Dress shoes or boots in good business taste are required. Classic dress shoes are permitted to have an open toe, open heel or a slingback (strap around the heel). An important note about footwear: Someone on the facebook group mentioned that heels could not exceed 2" in height. Nowhere in the Disney look book does it specifically give a heel height limit. As long as the shoes are in good business taste you should be fine. 5" is probably pushing it, though... ;)
All of  these looks are acceptable within the Disney Look guidelines, with the small exception of the bracelets on the two outer looks. They're actually one bracelet set, but it appears as though more than two are worn, which would be a red flag.

I'm at school, so I don't have a lot of my business-casual attire with me, but I definitely want to post what I've purchased as far as Disney-Look-wear goes at some point!

I guess I should say some things about the guys, too, huh?

Guidelines for Costumed Men
  • Rings, a small tie tack and a classic, business-style wristwatch are permitted.  Necklaces, bracelets and ankle bracelets are not permitted.
Guidelines for Non-Costumed Men
  • Dress trousers and a short or long-sleeved professional style shirt are required. Shirts must be tucked in, with the exception of sweaters specifically tailored otherwise.
  • Cotton twill trousers (i.e., Dockers, khakis) are permitted only if they are neatly pressed, creased and appear to be professionally laundered.
  • Clothing not permitted includes polo or golf style shirts (except for Sports & Recreation Cast), cargo-style trousers, t-shirts and garments made of denim fabrics.
  • Lapel pins, tie bars or clips, collar bars, cufflinks, rings, a bracelet and a business-style watch are permitted.
  • One bracelet, in good business taste, in gold, silver or a color that blends with your clothing is permitted.
  • Dress shoes and socks in good business taste are required.
So that's the Disney Look in a nutshell! For the complete guidelines (which you will need to be familiar with by the time your program starts), please check out the College Program website's section on the Disney Look or go ahead and download the Disney Look .pdf.


k. said...

I seriously think you're fabulous!
Thank you for making this entire blog ;)
I applied for a PI this fall in Marine Biology - & if I get it I will so be eating at whatever restaurant you'll be doing your CP at (:

x, K

Abigail Nora said...

omg thank you! this is probably the sweetest comment i've gotten. :] & good luck with the pi - hopefully i will see you down there!

Rachel said...

Been reading your blog for a while. I went to school at UCF and my greatest regret is not working for Disney or doing the CP program while in college. So I am living vicariously through you, haha.
I just wanted to mention that the deodorant thing is no joke! lol, I work at a smaller, ridiculous theme park in Fort Lauderdale, and we have to make sure to mention that, especially to international program employees. Because the temperature here in Florida is so drastically different than in most of their countries (we get mainly Europeans) that they are not used to the humidity and we started getting complaints from guests that our employees smell. Lol, it's funny but when you think about how balmy it is here, and if you've never experienced it for extended periods of time, you need to be reminded about it! Haha, still makes me laugh, thinking about it.
Just wanted to share that.:o)

Marie! said...

I worked at Six Flags and we had an international program. Wearing deodorant was not required. It wasn't pretty lol.

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