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Info Post #4: A quick rundown of the roles.

For a brief and official overview of all the roles and their descriptions, your best bet is to visit the Disney College Program site here. In this post, I'll be elaborating on some (but not all) roles based on what I've read on the DisBoards and in blogs.

Can include working traditional "rides" like Splash Mountain, Expedition Everest, etc, but keep in mind that things like Innoventions, DisneyQuest, and the stage shows fall into this as well. I've heard of people who loved their experience at Innoventions but as far as I can tell DisneyQuest is more of a toss-up.

Spieling rides like Jungle Cruise and the Great Movie Ride are incredibly difficult to get. The Haunted Mansion is one of the most-requested rides - I'll bet you're more likely to get a job at Kilimanjaro Safari than as a HM servant. However, if you'd like to work at a specific attraction, it doesn't hurt to email the program and tell them so! Nothing is guaranteed, but it certainly won't harm you! (Like if I get Attractions you can BET I'm requesting Jungle Cruise or Tower of Terror!)

Character Attendant
Whereas before, CAs could work at any of the four parks throughout their program, these CPs are now being bid at just one park. However, CAs are able to pick up shifts at any of the four parks. Duties may include things like assisting your characters, keeping the queue orderly, answering questions, and (most importantly) insuring the safety of your characters. Generally the hours are pretty manageable, from what I've heard (in terms of having really late shifts and the like).

Full-Service Food and Beverage
Keep in mind that this is a non-tipped role and you are a host/hostess, not a server! However, people who have worked in this role really enjoyed it. As one blog puts it, FSFB offers "a great mix of personal freedom, responsibility and its own share of fun moments, given its high guest interaction. Better still, a lot of these roles take place in a highly themed, fast-paced and dynamic environment."

Given the huge amount and diversity of full-service restaurants in WDW, this role offers a ton of different opportunities! Again, if you want to work a specific restaurant, go ahead and request it via email. You probably won't get California Grill though - I've heard people basically have to die for a position to open up there. (But that was in reference to the servers, so who really knows?)

Quick Service Food and Beverage
This role includes both counter-service restaurants like Pecos Bill Cafe and Columbia Harbour House as well as the outdoor snack carts and snack windows (outdoor foods). You will work both in the kitchen and at the register unless you are specifically working the QSFB - Kitchen Only role.

Vacation Planner
You know those ticket windows you pass on your way into the theme parks? The people in those booths are Vacation Planners, responsible for selling ticket media to guests. Think of it like a movie-theatre box office. Vacation Planners are the ultimate resource for the different admission options available and will also assist guests in planning their days at the park.

Given the nature of what you're selling, expect to handle large amounts of cash during your shift. Though there is an emphasis on "upselling" tickets, you'll also have plenty of opportunities to assist guests in planning their visits and ensuring they have a magical experience. Depending on the time of day, you may be working under a fair amount of pressure - lines can get long and guests are rearin' to go, so be prepared for that as well. From what I understand, there's also a certain quota you must meet each day as a Vacation Planner CM.

This role covers Entertainment Costuming, not regular Costuming where all CMs pick up their costumes (uniforms). You will be assisting Entertainment CMs, working with parades and possibly shows, and doing laundry.

Hospitality CPs can work three different "sub-roles": Front Desk, Lobby Concierge, and Runner. Front Desk involves checking guests into the hotel - which I think sounds pretty cool because you get to kick off their whole Disney vacation experience! Lobby Concierge is pretty self-explanatory - you are stationed in the lobby to answer guest questions, sell tickets, make ADRs (or whatever Disney's calling them now), etc. Runners ... well, they run items at guests' requests.

Hospitality has the potential for weird shifts because the resorts never close. It's also more difficult to get, especially if you're not a hospitality major/don't have prior experience in guest service. I'm going to try for it anyway though! (See Vlog.)

Well, that's it for this entry! If you have any further questions I'll try my best to answer them, and if I don't have an answer I'll lead you to someone who does!

The next info post will feature...
Entertainment!!! Yay! 


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