Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Info Post #5: Entertainment - The Audition!

For Spring 2010, the Entertainment role is only available through the Walt Disney World College Program, not the Disneyland College Program. The overview page on the WDWCP website can be found here. There's a cute little video and the dates and locations of auditions.

You can find out if the audition you're attending is just a college program audition or a combination audition at the Audition Calendar of disneyauditions.com, too! For example, the description of the Chicago audition is as follows:
Disney Auditions is seeking energetic performers for Shows and Parades across the Walt Disney World® Resort, near Orlando, FL. Our performers bring to life shows such as Festival of the Lion King, Block Party Bash, High School Musical 3: Right Here, Right Now! and many more!

We are also seeking Disney Princess Look-alikes. Performers develop improvisational skills, poise and grace while working for one for the world's leading entertainment companies.

College students interested in performing for the WDW College Program, may click here for additional details.
So... what actually happens AT the audition? The jist of it is basically - you go in, check in, get measured, do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight!  OK, no, not really. But you DO learn a dance routine. You'll also do an animation exercise. If they like you, they might pull you for a more complex dance routine or puppeteering or, if you're very, very lucky, FACE! (I hope to get very, very lucky...)

I'm not going to post anything regarding height ranges because a) while this blog is not widely read, it IS a public blog on the internet, b) I'm not even sure how accurate the information I've gotten is, c) that's a Disney secret, and d) they'll tell you what height you fall into at the audition anyway! I WILL say that the people over on the DisBoards are super helpful! Check out the College Board over there, or message me your questions somehow and I'll do my best to answer them. 

Two key things about height: One, special consideration is given to people under 5'0" and over 6'0". Two, your "Disney height" may be like two whole inches off your actual height, so be prepared for that. Also, apparently 5'5" is dead height so just pray that they measure you up or down if you happen to be 5'5".

I highly, highly recommend checking out Brenna's and Molly's livejournals for really great info about the auditions. Their entries are protected, so you have to get an account and add them as friends, but that also means they can go into a lot more detail than I can on Blogger!

Brenna's Livejournal. / Her vlog specifically dealing with her audition experience.
Molly's Livejournal.

So, what are some general tips to help you conquer the Disney audition and stand out as a great potential cast member?
  • SMILE! :D But you knew that I'm sure!
  • Be yourself but be a big, exaggerated version of yourself.
  • It's worth repeating a zillion times: BE BIG! GO OVER THE TOP! ACT LIKE EVERYTHING IS CAPSLOCK!
  • When dancing, even if you flub, keep smiling!
  • When pantomiming, make sure your actions tell a story that presents a problem and solves it with big, clear motions. 
  • Most importantly, have fun!!
Sorry this info post is not as comprehensive... I don't want to reveal anything I'm not supposed to know, haha! If you'd like to investigate further, I cannot recommend the DisBoards College Board enough. There are a couple of really great (and long!) threads on there about character heights and auditions... one of which was actually started by Brenna!

So that's all for now, and have a magical day!


Marina said...

Good luck Miss Abby! And Good luck to me too! haha. Here's to hoping!

cesttressara said...

Break a leg both of you :)

Abigail Nora said...

Thanks! And break a leg, Marina!! When's the Austin audition - it's before Chicago, right (Nov 6)?

Molly said...

Good luck both of you! Abby, you were a Fall 10 hopeful at first, right? Are you just applying to Spring 10 to see if you get in, or are you gonna go if you actually get in?

Abigail Nora said...

Initially I was indeed a Fall 2010 hopeful. But I wanted to go to the Chicago audition as "practice," went to an on-campus presentation for funsies, and then decided to apply for Spring 2010 kind of on a whim. I'd love to be able to go then, but I'm not sure how thrilled my college would be... I haven't mentioned any of this to them yet, and I don't know if many freshman go off campus ever.

But I did apply with some hope of going, because if I did it KNOWING I'd have to decline, that's not fair, because I'm essentially "taking" someone else's spot. So if, for whatever reason, this doesn't work out (and I sincerely hope it does), I'll still have my original Fall 2010 plan. And I'll know for next time that I'm most qualified for character performer, attractions, and concierge, and that I'll politely decline to add merchandise and QSFB to my application, haha!

Does that make at least a little sense?

Andrew said...

Hmmm...I thought first year students weren't allowed into the program? I've seen cases of when you decline, it is much easier the next time you apply. Dealing with the school is the hardest part, I am still fighting with mine to let me in the Spring 2010. Anyway, good luck!

Molly said...

Gottcha. I am a Fall 10 hopeful but I was thinkng of applying for Spring 10 just to see if I'd get in. I asked around if that was a good idea (DisBoards, I'm Damhsa04). People said that I'd be taking someone's spot since I knew I would decline if accepted. So I figured I shouldn't apply. If I don't get in for Fall 10, then I don't get in. I'll be a sophomore, so I'll have plenty more oppourtunities to apply again.

Abigail Nora said...

Andrew: First-year students are allowed to go as long as they have completed a semster of school. The CP can't serve as your first semester, that's all. :)

Molly: Yep! I asked the same question there, too - I'm QueenofPrideRock :D

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