Monday, April 12, 2010

List: Disney Smells

I thought I'd start doing Top Five/Top Ten lists here, but I wanted to do some that were a little bit out of the ordinary. So what better way to kick it off than with The Top Five Smells of Walt Disney World?

five. fresh-baked cookies on main street, usa.

a hallmark of disney's almost fanatical attention to detail - they actually pump the smell of freshly baked cookies into the air as you walk down main street! mmm.

four. the orange groves on soarin'.

soarin' is easily epcot's most popular attraction. personally, i'd be fine if i could just bottle up the smells as you fly over california's orange groves...

three. the monorail.

yeah, it smells kind of like pee, but i freaking love the monorail. it's so quintessentially wdw to me.

[oookay. someone seems to have taken offense at my trying to pinpoint the monorail smell by comparing it to pee. that was clearly a bad descriptor. i'm sorry. but it's a funky, kind of stale smell that i love nonetheless because it means i'm in disney.]

two. rome burning on spaceship earth.

one. the water on pirates of the caribbean (or splash, or almost any other water ride, really) 

this smell just is disney to me. whenever i watch videos of potc or splash or something on youtube, it's almost as if i can smell the water. who knew water could have a smell - and such a tantilizing one at that? (& thanks to my future roomie jenn for reminding me of the awesomeness of this smell!)

What do you think? Are there any smells you associate with WDW? Or maybe one I left off that you think deserves to be on this list? (Anyone who suggests Stitch's Great Escape is positively crazy.)

images courtesy of the disboards, flickr, and edited by me in picnik.


Anna said...

I think it's the concrete that has a particular smell to me, like around the resorts? Can't put my finger on it, but I KNOW when I smell it.

jazmine; said...

mmmm... pirates smell!

Jenn said...

Mmm, All of Disney just has this certain spectacular smell to it that I love. Whenever I smell it I just KNOW that I'm in my second home. :)

Ashley! said...

The apple pie in Philharmagic! I loove that smell!

Michele said...

Reading your blog I could just smell the smells of Disney and it makes me even more ready to go now!!!!

Molly said...

Sunscreen. A couple months ago I was in the chat with Jenn and I found the bag that I use around Disney. I open it up and it just smelled like Disney to me. Which is usually the smell of sunscreen.

Amanda said...

I love the water smell! Good one!

Corri said...

Creative post. Love it.

emily said...

Chlorine! Maybe that's the water smell :)

The odd combination of chlorine and smoke is my favorite smell in Epcot specifically. After Illuminations.

Katarina said...

This just made my night. Seriously.

I could smell all of these and it just took me right back there. Love it!!!

mmsisme4ever said...

I don't know if a lot of people like this smell, but I can remember leaving a long day at the park and smelling the firework smoke that surrounded the area. :)
Thanks for posting. I could literally smell all of those as I was reading it.

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